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Celebrate Plastic Free July

Celebrate Plastic Free July

Lucy Ferns July 1, 2024

Every July, individuals and communities around the world unite in a shared commitment to reduce plastic waste and embrace sustainable living. Plastic Free July is not just a month-long event; it's a global...

Sunscreen, goggles, and a shell are pictured at the beach.  Applying sunscreen regularly can help protect your skin against sunburn.  (Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay/CC0)

Why you should wear sunscreen

Kialey Wetherbee May 14, 2024

Why is wearing sunscreen important important? It's important for many reasons. One big reason is that skin cancer and sun spots can damage the skin. It can also break down your immune system, which makes...

The “Summer Slide”

Kamalini Nagarajan May 14, 2024

With school letting out, children get excited for summer; perhaps they’re looking forward to spending time at the parks, pools, and maybe even a vacation. However, what happens to all the material they...

Pictured is a creek with a small waterfall.  Be sure to not drink the water from creeks during your hike as the water may be polluted or contain parasites. (Arnie Chou/Pexels)

Thinking of going swimming in a creek this summer? Keep these things in mind

Kamalini Nagarajan, Reporter June 15, 2023

Have you ever been hiking in searing hot weather and then spotted a creek? Perhaps your first thought is to jump in since the cool glistening water is just so tempting. Well, before you do that, here are...

Sun Protection in the Summer

Mythili Pai, Reporter May 29, 2023

As the weather is starting to get warmer and the school year comes to an end, there is an important topic that applies to everyone: sun protection.  Many tend to overlook the benefits of having good...

Celebrating National French Fry Day: June 13

Ishmarika Adhikari, Reporter May 17, 2023

Whether it’s store bought, from a fancy restaurant, or even homemade, French fries are great no matter what. Today June 13th, National French Fry Day is the best day to enjoy some.  National...

5 fun activities to do this summer in Hershey

Teagan Delves, Reporter April 28, 2023

With summer approaching, entertainment activities are becoming more active. Here are some ways to spend your free time that don’t involve traveling far! HersheyPark Tanger Outlets The...

Top 5 Summer Jobs for a Hershey Teen

Valerie Nothnagle, Reporter February 25, 2023

As the summer of 2023 approaches, teenagers at Hershey High School are on the hunt for jobs. Luckily, Hershey, PA has many local opportunities for young people to work.  

Big Bend National Park is pictured at sunset.  National Nature Photography Day can be celebrated anywhere, not just in remote national parks.  (G. Lamar/CC BY 2.0)

Celebrate National Nature Photography Day on June 15th

Dan Hogan, Science and Technology Editor June 15, 2022

Each year on June 15th, National Nature Photography Day is celebrated. The first Nature Photography Day was created and celebrated in 2006 by the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). The...

8 great spring and summer creative snacks

Grace Catalone and Christina Lengle April 28, 2022

In need of some new summer and spring snacks? Here are eight fun and interesting snacks for you to make that are even great party treats! Watermelon Rice Crispy Treats This lookalike watermelon treat...

Pistache, a Golden Retriever, bounds through the waves.  National Work Like a Dog Day is August 5, 2021. (Thierry Marysael/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Celebrate National Work Like a Dog Day

Molly Ziesenheim, Reporter August 5, 2021

  What is Work Like a Dog Day? The national holiday is a day to push yourself and put your maximum effort into getting things done. On this day, you give everything your best effort. At...

photo by maxually/CC BY-NC 2.0

Use Sunscreen Before It’s Too Late

Julia Grenoble and Ava Sheppard  May 4, 2021

Whether you are tanning at the beach, taking your dog on a walk, or just going outside for a few minutes, sunscreen should be used in order to protect your skin.  Most people only use sunscreen when...

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