Celebrating National French Fry Day: June 13

Ishmarika Adhikari, Reporter


Whether it’s store bought, from a fancy restaurant, or even homemade, French fries are great no matter what. Today June 13th, National French Fry Day is the best day to enjoy some. 

National French Fry Day is meant to celebrate the creation of fries, and a great day to go out and buy some for yourself. Hershey offers a lot of great places for you to enjoy fries, whether that’s a fast food place or a fancy restaurant. Not to mention all the different versions of fries you can get. 

The History of French Fries 

Many people assume that French fries originated in France but that’s not true at all. Despite the name, Research shows that French fries actually originated from Belgium and not France. It is not guaranteed how exactly they were invented, but a popular theory is that way back in the 17th century, some innovative Belgian Villagers acquired the idea to slice up a potato into long strips similar to the shape of a fish, and fry it the same way. Fish was their go to meal at that time, but as the weather grew colder the lakes began to freeze over, and that’s when they took action. Their plan succeeded and people in the Village quickly took a liking to these fried potatoes that were similar to fish.                                    

Later during World War I, some American soldiers who were assigned in Belgium found out about these fried potatoes shaped like fish and took a liking to them. The American soldiers began to call them French fries because their official language was similar to French. Soon after that, French fries were also mentioned in a Parisian book. But it wasn’t until the 1900’s they became popular in America.

Where can you get the best fries in Hershey? 

Hershey may be known for their chocolate but the fries are just as good. Here are five different places you can enjoy fries today. 

  1. Five Guys: Located 1188 Mae St, Hummelstown, PA 

Five Guys fries are not only good but are also well known for their generous amounts. They peel, cut, soak, and fry the fries fresh everyday, plus they use peanut oil which is adored for its neutrality and high smoke point, ensuring the fries fry evenly without burning, a lot of thought and time has been put into five guys fries. 

  1. Tower Fries: Located inside Hershey park 

After a long day of having fun on the rides, you can enjoy some freshly cut and loaded fries. These fries are like no other due to their unique toppings. Starting with BBQ pulled pork, Cheddar Bacon Ranch, Cheesesteak, to just regular fries. 

     4.) Chick-fil-a: Located inside Hersheypark

If loaded fries aren’t your thing, classic waffle cut chick-fil-a fries may be more up your alley. The distinctive shape makes it more appealing and tastier to some, not to mention the perfect amount of salt.

  1. McDonald’s: Located 611 E Main St, Hummelstown, PA 

McDonald’s fries are a classic, there’s a reason they’ve been around and popular for so long. McDonald’s start off with real potatoes that are freshly cut into long thin strips, bathing the frys in a chemical bath that is completely safe, and for the sole purpose of making sure they are cooked well. 

     5.) Sheetz: Located 777 Middletown Rd, Hummelstown, PA 

Sheetz may not be the number one place you think of when thinking about french fries, but they have many varieties including, seasoned curly fries, tater tots, pickled fries, and regular fries. 

All of these places listed above are great options, but sometimes homemade fries can’t be beat. The special thing about homemade fries is that you are in charge, you are capable of adding anything you’d like. Some people season their fries with a special seasoning, and some go with salt, but if you like to try new things then try this recipe from Chef John at All Recipes.