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Flyers for jobs in Hershey are posted in the D wing hallway. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 11.3 million job positions were open at the end of February of 2022. (HHS Broadcaster/Ashley Bu)

Seven tips to prepare for a job interview

Ashley Bu, Reporter May 19, 2022

The job interview can be one of the most stressful phases of getting a job. Here are seven tips to enhance your interview to improve your chances of obtaining a position. Research the job Thoroughly...

8 great spring and summer creative snacks

Grace Catalone and Christina Lengle April 28, 2022

In need of some new summer and spring snacks? Here are eight fun and interesting snacks for you to make that are even great party treats! Watermelon Rice Crispy Treats This lookalike watermelon treat...

7 simple tips for better sleep

Sophia Tunks , Reporter April 27, 2022

Many things can factor into having a bad night’s sleep. School stress, work responsibilities, family issues and tensions between friends are only a few things that may be keeping you up at night. While...

HHS water fountains have a section used for refilling water bottles to help students limit the amount of single-use plastic they’re using. The water fountain in the second floor F-wing has already been used enough times to fill 32,916 plastic bottles. (Broadcaster/Elizabeth Vojt)

Six ways to celebrate Earth Day every day

Elizabeth Vojt, Reporter April 26, 2022

The 52nd annual Earth Day was celebrated on April 22. Earth Day is meant to be spent enjoying and celebrating Earth’s clean natural resources. Recently, many have also been using the day to learn and...

The Broadcaster asks: Mask or not to mask?

Grace Catalone and Christina Lengle April 4, 2022

With the lifting of the mask mandate at Hershey High School, the Broadcaster asked staff and students why or why not they chose to mask. This is the first time in nearly two years that HHS students...

Florida anti-LGBTQ bills make their way through state legislature

Ashley Bu, Reporter March 24, 2022

The amount of support for the LGBTQ+ has increased in the last few decades, but a bill preventing discussions about sexuality has moved forward in Florida. On the website of the Florida House of...

Holiday How To: Pumpkin Cannolis

Christina Lengle and Grace Catalone November 22, 2021

When you think of Thanksgiving desserts, you think of pumpkin pie, apple pie, cookies, and pumpkin roll. Maybe this year try this unconventional, yet easy to make dessert: pumpkin cannolis.   Ingredients 1...

Halloween Trick-or-Treating safely in 2021

Christina Lengle and Grace Catalone October 28, 2021

Different types of Halloween pumpkins are lined up at a pumpkin farm. Parents are allowing their kids to resume a somewhat normal Trick-or-Treating this year with the pandemic still around.  (More...

COVID-19 creates obstacles, confusion at concerts

Natalie Colarossi and Elizabeth Vojt October 12, 2021 Tickets?  Check.  Mask?  Maybe. Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit in March of 2020, many concert venues across the U.S. have been working on how they...

New York Fashion Week honors 9/11

Grace Catalone, Reporter September 24, 2021

For years there has been a constant question lingering within the fashion industry, “What is the appropriate way to honor 9/11 on its anniversary?”  Although New York Fashion Week (NYFW) doesn’t...

Photo by Eric Lynch/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Buckle up for a wild ride, and celebrate National Roller Coaster Day

Joshua Gearhart, Sports Editor August 16, 2021

TheBroadcaster · Buckle up for a wild ride, and celebrate National Roller Coaster Day   Every year on August 16th, thrill seekers flock to amusement parks all over the world to quench their...

Pistache, a Golden Retriever, bounds through the waves.  National Work Like a Dog Day is August 5, 2021. (Thierry Marysael/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Celebrate National Work Like a Dog Day

Molly Ziesenheim, Reporter August 5, 2021

  What is Work Like a Dog Day? The national holiday is a day to push yourself and put your maximum effort into getting things done. On this day, you give everything your best effort. At...

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