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Explainer: Why you should care about glaciers

Kamalini Nagarajan, Reporter March 22, 2023

When speaking about global warming, phrases like “the tipping point” and “runaway effect” appear quite often. The words themselves can seem overwhelming, like we have started on an unstoppable...

5 Ways to Improve Time Management

Ava Sheppard, Senior Layout Designer March 15, 2023

Time management can often be difficult to master and not doing it well can lead to a whole host of problems like poor grades, bad work reviews, and failing friendships.  So we have put together five strategies...

Off Topic Episode 3 Out Now

Teagan Delves, Cianna Stager, and Tahaani Khan February 17, 2023

In the third episode of Off Topic, our co hosts discuss Valentine’s Day, situationships, and they give advice about their personal dating experiences. If you’re worried about being single on February...

10 Doable New Year’s resolutions to add to your list

Ella Yurick, Editor in Chief January 11, 2023

80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the start of February. If you find yourself on this track, need to adjust your list, or just want to start a resolution you can finish, here are 10 attainable goals...

Off Topic podcast releases episode 2

Valerie Nothnagle, Reporter January 3, 2023

In the second episode of Off Topic, our co hosts discuss the most memorable movies they’ve seen, horror films that left them with nightmares, and rom coms that they recommend. Listen to hear a new perspective...

Holiday baking: The best Christmas morning cinnamon rolls

Day 10 of 12 Days of Stories
Natalie Colarossi and Elizabeth Vojt December 23, 2022

These delicious cinnamon rolls make the perfect Christmas morning breakfast. They can be prepared the night before, or the day of. Follow the video and the recipe posted below to make your very own cinnamon...

Tired of the old fashioned Christmas cookies? Take a look at this Christmas Tree Brownie dessert inspired by this Hersheys recipe. (Hershey’s)

Holiday How To: Christmas Brownie Trees

Day 6 of 12 Days of Stories
Grace Catalone and Christina Lengle December 19, 2022

If you're feeling in the Christmas spirit, get to the grocery store and heat up that oven! Follow our detailed step by step instructions on how to make an easy dessert.

Get crafty: How to make a bendy Christmas reindeer

Day 2 of 12 Days of Stories
Ashley Bu, Science and Technology Editor December 15, 2022

Snowed in on Christmas, or need something to do during the holidays? Learn how to make this dynamic and flexible Christmas reindeer craft. Materials: 2 pieces of brown construction...

Broadcaster Launches New Podcast: Off Topic

Valerie Nothnagle, Reporter December 8, 2022

Off Topic covers Hershey High School students’ opinions on pop culture, trends, and events. The first episode of this podcast discusses the co-hosts’ personal music taste, popular songs and artists,...

National Ice Cream Day: July 17

Sophia Tunks, Reporter July 17, 2022

Ice cream is by far the best treat to have on a hot summer day. This frozen desert is an American staple—it’s creamy, flavorful, and delicious!  Americans celebrate National Ice Cream day on the...

First Date Ideas

Allyson Lin, World and Breaking News Editor June 3, 2022

Have you ever wondered what to do and where to go for your first date? The first date is always something that teenagers and even some adults get really excited for; except the fact that choosing the first...

A large cheeseburger with a side of fries is pictured.  Anxiety and stress can lead to a loss of appetite.  (Michael Stern/CC BY-SA 2.0)

How to Eat When You Have No Appetite

Dan Hogan, Science and Technology Editor June 1, 2022

Many people have troubles with their appetite. Sometimes, even when we’re hungry, we can’t get ourselves to eat. It’s important to know that this is a common issue and you’re not alone.  Before...

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