Celebrate National Work Like a Dog Day

Molly Ziesenheim, Reporter


Pistache, a Golden Retriever, bounds through the waves.  National Work Like a Dog Day is August 5, 2021. (Thierry Marysael/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

What is Work Like a Dog Day?

The national holiday is a day to push yourself and put your maximum effort into getting things done. On this day, you give everything your best effort. At the end of this hardworking day, you can take a well-deserved nap, much like a dog.

This history behind this national holiday:

National Work Like a Dog day comes from the phrase “working like a dog.” This phrase is used to refer to someone who is working hard on a task without any breaks.

When Does it Take Place?

Work Like a Dog Day takes place on August 5th.

How do I celebrate Work Like a Dog Day?

  • Put in extra hours at school/ work.
  • Honor the hard work your fellow workaholics put in.
  • Take time to assess your current working efforts.
  • Honor working dogs.

Should I spoil my dog on Work Like a Dog Day?

This day is for you to show your determination and practice a stronger work ethic. National Spoil Your Dog Day takes place just 5 days later on August 10th. However, if you can’t wait until then, feel free to spoil your hard working dog on this national holiday.