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Ukrainian soldiers post a video of themselves doing a trending TikTok dance on the battlefield. Many people, even ones directly involved in the Ukrainian conflict, have been posting videos poking fun at the war leading to possible widespread desensitization. (Broadcaster/Screenshot)

The Danger of Desensitization: Global Events Through the Lens of Social Media

Maeve Reiter and Dan Hogan May 5, 2022

Scrolling through TikTok, users see content tailored to their online identity. Some of the videos may be comedic skits, some may be how-to videos, some are about relationship advice. Endlessly swiping,...

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope captures first image with fully-aligned mirror

Ashley Bu, Reporter April 11, 2022

A star shines brightly with several galaxies in the background. The photo was taken using the James Webb Space Telescope in the infrared spectrum. (NASA/STScI) After being set out into space on...

What is oil, and what are its uses?

Ashley Bu, Reporter April 11, 2022

In the past few months, oil prices have increased dramatically. Countries seek out the complex substance for its wide variety of uses. Fossil fuels are found all over the world. However, the countries...

Why are gas prices so high?

Sophia Tunks , Reporter March 21, 2022

Political tensions and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have caused a growing difference between supply and demand in the US. Energy costs have been one of the main factors in what has quickly become...

Explainer: Will 5G cell service interfere with flights from Harrisburg International Airport?

Allie Balcomb, Social Media and Brand Manager January 27, 2022

Harrisburg was one of 50 airports in the U.S., and one of three in Pennsylvania, listed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where new 5G service has airlines working towards new procedures about...

James Webb Space Telescope set to launch December 25

Ashley Bu, Reporter January 3, 2022

NASA announced the James Webb Space Telescope will launch on December 25th of 2021.  The telescope will lift off from the French Guiana Space Center and will spend around 30 days progressing to the...

Global supply chain crisis brings empty shelves for the holiday season

Natalie Colarossi, Reporter November 8, 2021

An increase in demand for products and a decrease in employees created a global supply chain crisis, according to CNBC.Over the past three months governments across the world have scrambled to resolve...

CDC Clears Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccines for Children 5-11

Dan Hogan, Science and Technology editor November 6, 2021

The Food and Drug Administration authorized Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use in the 5-11 age group on Friday, October 29th. Shots are expected to roll out in days as a Center for...

Facebook rebrands itself: Meta

Molly Ziesenheim, Arts and entertainment November 3, 2021

Facebook announced that it has changed its company name to Meta, on Thursday, October 28, 2021.  Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the name change at the Facebook Connect augmented and virtual...

Infrastructure bills cause stalls and negotiations in Congress

Natalie Colarossi , Reporter November 3, 2021

Members of the United States Congress recently debated new infrastructure in Washington D.C. According to the Biden Administration, the infrastructure is split between two bills, the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan...

History Made: First Malaria Vaccine Approved by WHO

Allyson Lin, World and breaking news editor October 18, 2021

Malaria has killed roughly 500,000 people each year and half of that number are children in Africa according to the New York Times. Experts have admitted that the vaccine isn’t perfect, but it will get...

Large oil spill damages California beaches, wildlife

Large oil spill damages California beaches, wildlife

The large oil spill in the Pacific Ocean offshore of Orange County, California is pictured. Authorities have estimated that the leak in a local pipeline has released some 126,000 gallons of oil. (U.S Coast Guard)
Allyson Lin, World and breaking news editor October 12, 2021

A leak in an oil pipeline in the coast of Southern California has spilled into the local environment, harming wildlife and nearby human residents, according to CNN.  The largest spill in the US since...

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