Volleyball Passion Goes Beyond High School

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By: Elma Abdic

Greta Chavey, a junior at Hershey High School, believes volleyball is not only a game, but an important aspect of her life.

As Chavey grew up, her love for volleyball only increased.

According to Chavey, she has had a passion for volleyball before she started middle school. Fifth grade is when her passion began. Chavey played for a club team called Xtreme from fifth to sixth grade. This is what engaged her into becoming a real player.

Greta Chavey, a defensive specialist, is a starter on Hershey’s varsity volleyball team in a game against Lower Dauphin.

Greta Chavey, a defensive specialist, is a starter on Hershey’s varsity volleyball team in a game against Lower Dauphin.  Chavey plans on continuing her volleyball career in college.

“I used to always play after school in my front yard with a volleyball nonstop,” said Chavey. Her love for the sport grew and grew as the years went by.

“I enjoyed watching college volleyball games in my free time,” said Chavey, “I wanted to start because it seemed fun and really competitive.”

As middle school progressed, Chavey had the chance to finally try out for the team. It was no surprise that she made it because of how much she’d already practiced on her own. Once eighth grade came along, she played for a new club team called Prevail, and this continued until tenth grade.

Chavey began her volleyball career as an outside hitter. Over the years, Chavey became the defensive specialist for the girls varsity volleyball team.

As high school went on, the bond between Cavey and her teammates grew stronger and stronger. “The teamwork and friendships made the games and practices more fun,” Chavey said.

Since then, her interest in volleyball expanded and her athletics advanced. Chavey took the opportunity to play at many volleyball camps throughout the summers.

“I traveled to Tennessee and Virginia to play volleyball,” Chavey said, “I also visited Juniata college and Penn State.”

Chavey got to meet many college volleyball players in all of her travels. “It was awesome to meet the best athletes,” Chavey said.

According to Chavey, she has had the interest of playing in college for a while. Her devotion to her sport allowed her to be scouted. With so much time and dedication she’s put into volleyball, there’s no doubt Chavey wants to continue her career at a university.

“Volleyball has affected me positively,” Chavey said, “and will always be important in my life.”