Scott Perry and George Scott Battle for PA’s 10th Congressional Seat

Talon Smith , Reporter

George Scott (D) is running to unseat the incumbent Scott Perry (R) in the race for Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional seat.

In the midterm election, all of PA’s congressional seats will be up for election. This includes the 10th District where Dauphin County is located.

There are two candidates running in this election. The first is the incumbent candidate and Republican Scott Perry. His opponent is the Democratic candidate George Scott.

According to Perry’s website, he graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Business Administration Management. He then served in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard where he achieved the rank of Brigadier General. Perry was elected to congress in 2013, becoming the representative for PA’s former 4th Congressional District. Perry has since served three terms as a Pennsylvania Representative.

Perry believes in cutting taxes and reducing governmental regulations of business. He also wishes to take healthcare out of the hands of government. Perry is also strongly pro-life and a supporter of second amendment rights.

According to George Scott (D)’s website, he graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in International Politics. Scott became a Military Intelligence officer in the United States Army. He served in active duty for 20 years where he deployed on many operations, including Desert Storm. Scott retired from the military as a Lt. Colonel. He then became a pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in East Berlin, Pennsylvania before pausing to run for office.

Scott believes all Americans should have access to high quality, affordable healthcare. He wants to create more jobs with living wages. Scott advocates for better public education and reducing student debt. He believes in taking common sense actions to end gun violence in the United States.

Both candidates’ campaigns are in high gear for this November’s election.

Perry’s website says, “[he] has advocated for legislation to control government spending, enforce immigration law, bolster national security and protect families who seek medical care for their children.”

Scott has a campaign revolving around listening to the voters of his district. His website states that, “The George Scott for Congress campaign is a campaign that runs on the power of the people. From the very beginning, this has been about making government function the way it’s supposed to.”

According to the Cook Political Report, PA’s 10th District leans Republican. The race is considered competitive, but the Republicans have an advantage.