PA Counties Decide to Reopen Against Governor Wolf’s Restrictions

Lauren Cribbs and Caroline Glus

Officials from several counties that are still in the “red” phase of Wolf’s reopening plan have said they will open against restrictions. Counties include Beaver, Dauphin, Lancaster, and Lebanon.

Governor Wolf called politicians who wanted to reopen against his wishes “cowardly” and “selfish,” according to The Washington Times. Then Wolf went on to threaten counties such as Dauphin county, that he will pull the CARES Act funding. 

Wolf annocened counties that will be able to go into the yellow phase this Friday on May 15, and Dauphin county was still not on the list while neighboring counties such as Cumberland and York.  

Dauphin County Commissioners Jeff Haste and Mike Pries responded to the news with frustration, with Haste calling it “political payback” according to The Washington Times.

Dauphin County’s declaration started Friday with a letter of protest signed only by Jeff Haste who said, “Data shows that COVID-19 is a critical issue in confined living areas and with our elderly and immunity-impaired populations. The general population can continue to work and function within the ‘new normal.’ Our businesses and citizens have learned this; however, the governor and his health secretary have not,” according to Penn Live.

According to Penn Live, Dauphin County tested 7,594. Of these people, 895 tested positive for the Coronavirus. Governor Wolf says Dauphin County is not ready to reopen businesses in the interest of public health.