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Taylor Koda Wins First Place in Science Fair

Taylor Koda Wins First Place in Science Fair

Benji Keeler, Reporter

May 30, 2019

A Hershey High School sophomore won first place at state level science fairs with her project about EMPs. Taylor Koda is a sophomore at Hershey High School. She is the co-president of the Jane Austen Society, and takes both Chemistry and Physics classes as a 10th grader. Koda’s science fair pr...

Organization, Planners, and Drive

Organization, Planners, and Drive

Talon Smith, Reporter

May 29, 2019

Musical. Dance. Minithon. Honors chem, english, and world history. Precalc. Human anatomy. Volunteering. Tutoring. And a social life. Sounds like quite a lot for a single student to take on, especially under modern day levels of stress. Hershey High School sophomore Lola Berra manages to do it all. S...

Ethan Barna: Man Behind the Mics

Laurel Fleszar, Reporter

May 28, 2019

Everything’s set. The actors are in their places, and stage crew is placed backstage. Suddenly, the lights brighten, the mics turn on, and the show begins! Ethan Barna is a sophomore at Hershey High School, and he’s heavily involved in the theatrical productions. Many people see him as a very quiet, calm, introverted guy. However, there’s much more t...

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