The Broadcaster is back in print!

It’s a day I didn’t think would happen. The Broadcaster is back in print.


The first issue of the Broadcaster newsletter is pictured on October 30, 2018. After a five year hiatus, The Broadcaster returned to print. (Broadcaster/Robert Sterner)

Robert Sterner, Advisor

Five years ago when I took over The Broadcaster, I imagined a purely digital future for the publication.

After all The Broadcaster had undergone many changes since it was first published in 1926.  What began as a typewritten pamphlet transformed into a 16-page linotype newspaper printed in the old high school, now Granada building.  Then it went through a dozen more transformations—pamphlet, typewritten news-zine, back to an full newspaper, then finally 100% online.

The shift online was not lightly taken.  As of this morning, The Broadcaster has published more than 1,200 stories.  That’s an average of 32 per month including the summer months when school is not in session.

However, like many digital-first publications we found that our readership declined.  The Broadcaster went from being the thing the staff and student body talked about all day six or eight times a year, to hardly talked about at all.

I traded more writing and reporting for our audience.  In short, The Broadcaster went online and few readers followed.

So we’re trying something old in a new way.  A newsletter.

Thanks to the efforts of the Broadcaster’s Lead Layout Designer Kieri Karpa, the Broadcaster newsletter was born.  It’s the culmination of many hours of work, and we hope you enjoy it.

Check out a copy of the newsletter here.