6 Ways to Stay Healthy during Flu Season

Clare Canavan , Copy Editor

During the winter months of blizzards, below freezing temperatures, and harsh winds, more frequent than not you’ll find yourself catching a cold or even a flu virus. There are many options to help you prevent these common illnesses.

According to WebMD,  “5% to 20% — Percentage of the U.S. population that will get the flu, on average, each year.”

There are a few simple steps you can take this winter to prevent these common viruses from infecting you.

Get a flu shot

The best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot. After getting the shot, your body’s immune system will recognize the virus and make antibodies to fight the flu.

According to the CDC, the flu virus changes from year to year, so getting the vaccine before the start of each fall can decrease your chances of coming down with the flu by 70 percent to 90 percent.

Getting this shot yearly, can help your body from getting the illness or help keep your symptoms mild.

Wash your hands

Washing your hands often can protect you from germs. The bad bacteria and germs get washed away by simply using soap and water for at least 30 seconds.

Soap simply causes bacteria to loosen their grip on your hands, to be rinsed away,” wrote Brian Fung for The Atlantic.

If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This will help to get rid of germs you pick up from door knobs and frequently touched places, and keep your body healthy.

Keep up a healthy lifestyle

Keeping an all around healthy lifestyle can keep your body strong, and prevent you from getting sick in the first place.

A healthy lifestyle can include exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet full on vitamins C and E, and getting a good night’s sleep. Living an all around healthy lifestyle can build up your immune system to keep you from not catching the flu.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids can keep your body strong. Good liquids to have are water, sports drinks, and broth.

Six to eight glasses per day can keep your body hydrated.

According to Everyday Health, staying hydrated may boost a particular immune response to enable you body to better fight the flu.

Keep your surroundings clean

Minimizing your exposure to germs keeps them away. Cleaning your house, office, and school desks can kill the bad germs on them.

Home Remedies

There are many home remedies that can keep your body healthy and relive symptoms.

A salt water rinse can help decongest a stuffy nose and clear bad bacteria from inside your noise. Dissolve a half teaspoon of salt into a pint of warm water, and rinse into your noise.

A warm cup of chamomile tea can help with a sore throat and congested nasal area. Also, a warm shower with the steam.

Doing these simple things can help you keep your surroundings and self free from bad germs. This can keep you healthy during the flu season.

Nurse B.K. Morris, left, prepares to give the flu vaccine to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Tom Frieden, during an event about the flu vaccine, at the National Press Club in Washington on Sept. 17, 2015. A flu shot each year can be a great way to decrease the odds of contracting the flu. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)