YouTube Punishes Logan Paul for Controversial Video

Carina Sarracino, Reporter

Logan Paul’s controversial video of an apparent suicide victim sparked outrage among the internet, and he’s facing the consequences.

On Wednesday, January 10, 2018, YouTube announced their long-awaited treatment for the situation. They decided Paul would be removed from the “Preferred Program,” a Google program designed to give brands access to the top 5% of YouTubers for advertising.

The plan allows companies to be charged higher rates to advertise on the most popular channels, as the YouTubers also make a bigger cut of the advertising money. Additionally, the program is supposed to ensure that advertisers’ videos do not play before inappropriate content.

Paul’s planned leading-role in a movie with YouTube, a sequel to his 2016 movie, The Thinning, has been placed on hold, among other originals. He has also been removed from season four of the “Foursome” series with YouTube Red.

He has received a “strike” from YouTube, and if he were to receive three strikes within a three month period, his account would be terminated.

Paul has not yet commented on his punishment, as he has been silent on social media since early January.

YouTube announces through a series of tweets that they will soon be addressing Paul’s situation more thoroughly. Since then, they confirmed they would be taking action and have removed Paul from several programs. (YouTube)