Hershey Field Hockey wins Mid-Penn Championship

Katherine Clark, Copy Editor

The Hershey High School (HHS) Girls Field Hockey team defeated Cumberland Valley (CV) Eagles in the Mid-Penn Championships with a final score of 1-0 on October 19, 2017.

Both teams ranked in the top 5 for the District 3 Class 3A power ratings.   The Trojans were defending champions, but the Eagles wanted to take the title.

Hershey sophomore Maddie Zimmer steals the ball from Cumberland Valley’s offense. Putting them in the lead, Zimmer scored for the Trojans in the beginning of the first half. (Broadcaster/ Katherine Clark)

HHS sophomore Maddie Zimmer scored the first goal for the Trojans, putting them in the lead.

Zimmer is the Trojans leading scorer with 16 goals and an assist for a total of 33 points.  She is also ranked one of the Top 5 Players in the Class of 2020 according to Max Field Hockey.

Zimmer’s goal for HHS past CV’s goalkeeper Becca Harbert with just four minutes before halftime proved to be the difference.

CV’s offense didn’t have much possession in the game as the Trojans controlled the game thanks to their powerful offense. However, CV’s 12 saves kept the game close.

With two minutes left and Hershey holding the lead, Zimmer stalled by keeping the ball out of CV’s reach.  As time ran out, Zimmer still held the ball.

Senior Mary-Anne Nortier runs the ball towards CV’s goal. The Trojans finished with a score of 1-0, regaining their title of the Mid-Penn Champions. (Broadcaster/ Katherine Clark)

The game ended with a final score of 1-0.  Hershey kept the title of Mid-Penn Champion for the second year in a row.

Heading to District 3 playoffs, Hershey will continue their postseason in the Quarterfinals against Central Dauphin on Saturday, October 28.

If Hershey wins, they will play Penn Manor on November 1 in the semifinals.  Should they get past Penn Manor, Hershey will play in the Finals for District 3 on Saturday, November 4 at Henry Hershey Field on the campus of Milton Hershey School.