Broadcaster Launches Branded Merchandise

Adrianna Malena and Angelina Memmi

The HHS Broadcaster has finally put its own merchandise shop in motion, giving everyone a variety of choices with a professionally made design. 

For many years, the Broadcaster faced many issues. They wanted merchandise for everyone in the staff, yet ordering merch for each member would be incredibly costly and limited to one piece of merch, say, a t-shirt. The Broadcaster constantly comes up with new ideas, and many staff members would love to make their ideas a reality, but funding can be low. This new merch line will help with both of those issues.

The Broadcaster merch was set up by Alexis Moodie, a senior at HHS and brand manager for the paper. She said she strives for the Broadcaster to be more well known, and hopes that the new merch floating around will do just that.

Another reason for the shop is a long term goal that Moodie hopes to be achieved in three or four years. “We hope to provide a scholarship for a Journalism 4 student in the future,” Moodie said.

The merch is currently on sale at CafePress. A variety of clothing, mugs, magnets, and other items are available to anyone. Moodie looks forward to exploring and expanding the merch, and how the HHS student body will receive it. 

Robert Sterner, the Journalism teacher, also has many hopes for the merch shop. He looks forward to more designs, and already has more ideas of how to improve the shop.