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Editorial: All internships Should Be Paid

Abigail Lee, Reporter

May 29, 2019

Every year, 500,000 to 1 million people work as unpaid interns in the US. A variety of reasons are behind this decision like the promise of a future position at the company they’re interning. However, many unpaid internships statistically hold no guarantee for the future and feed into the class divisio...

HHS students intern at Drayer and Hershey Elementary

HHS students intern at Drayer and Hershey Elementary

Abby Shapiro and Irene Ciocirlan

March 1, 2018

Students with internships gain new skills as they advance into the second semester. As the second marking period draws to a close and the new semester begins, some hard working Hershey High School students have internships that are still in full swing. Some internships may be ending  this semeste...

Internships Benefit Ambitious Students

Internships Benefit Ambitious Students

Catherine Lecher, Copy Editor

September 26, 2016

Some high school graduates doubt their career desires they've had all their lives. High school is the age where preparation for the future is in full gear. Some will go on to college, others will find a different path to take. Not knowing how you will be spending your future can be stressful. At ...

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