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Editorial: All Grades at HHS Should Have Final Exemptions, Not Just Seniors

Emily Massage and Keela Delves

May 16, 2019

As a senior there are lots of perks to look forward to, specifically final exemptions. The idea is that if you do well enough in your classes, that you will be exempt from you finals, and rightfully so. The issue is, however, why is this not an incentive for other grades too? Hershey High School sh...

HHS Teachers, Students Say Focus on Grades Undermines Learning

May 10, 2016

By Katie Cocco, Journalism 1 student Edited by Lynn Dang, Hershey Section Editor HERSHEY--Freshman Karis Gould slumped down into her seat the moment that she found out her hard work had not paid off.    Teachers and students at Hershey High School admit that their education hasn’t always been the most i...

All Grades Should Qualify for Final Exam Exemptions

March 7, 2016

By: Shyanne Gaston Imagine this scenario: During the offseason you are working diligently for eight months to be on the varsity team. You put in all your time and effort into meeting this goal. The sports season comes around and you’re ready to show the coaches how good of a player you are. You made...

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