Editorial: All Grades at HHS Should Have Final Exemptions, Not Just Seniors

Emily Massage and Keela Delves

As a senior there are lots of perks to look forward to, specifically final exemptions. The idea is that if you do well enough in your classes, that you will be exempt from you finals, and rightfully so. The issue is, however, why is this not an incentive for other grades too?

Hershey High School should allow all grades to have the opportunity to be exempt from finals granted that they have the grades to do so. If a student shows that they have a thorough  understanding of the material throughout the year, why should they be expected to take a final?

If students keep a good grade all year long, then they should not have to risk getting a bad grade  on a final exam. On the other hand, students with poor grades can attempt to raise it with the exam which could be a win-win for everyone.

“Earning exemption from the final exams typically means that the student has performed to an exceptional standard throughout the school year, resulting in a high end-of-term grade.” said Trisha Dawe, writer for education site Classroom.

Having final exemptions available for all grades would boost morale and reduce stress for both students and teachers.

“Enhancing student drive and commitment are other positive elements of shooting for final exam exemption. While students keep their eye on the prize, they build character and traits that can be used in the future, whether moving on to a post-secondary placement or entering the workforce,” said Dawe.

Putting a change like this into effect would encourage students to strive for good grades whilst also showing a deep understanding of the material.

To put this change in motion, students are encouraged to contact their school administration to bring forth this change. Contact Jeff Smith, Hershey High School principal, to make this change.