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Free College Faces Roadblocks in the United States

Free College Faces Roadblocks in the United States

Brooke Daniels, Reporter

March 31, 2017

The term free college in the United States is so far removed from discussion that it is almost an outlawed statement. Although several countries have already embraced the idea of free higher education, the U.S. has not. Most believe America is far behind other countries in terms of affordability of an ...

Superdelegates in Presidential Race Bolster Clinton

Alex Elchev, Reporter

September 28, 2016

These people’s votes count, not ours.   Superdelegates have been an integral part of presidential primaries on both sides of the aisle since their inception during the 1984 election. These party officials aren’t elected but rather chosen by the party itself. Superdelegates comprised 15% of the...

Third Party Candidates’ Effects on Election

Kieran Hogan, Reporter

September 26, 2016

Contrary to popular opinion, there are more options for President this election than Secretary of State and former first lady Hillary Clinton and billionaire real estate tycoon Donald Trump. There are plenty of third parties in the United States, and three with over 75,000 registered members: The ...

Early States’ Presidential Primary Results

March 15, 2016

By: Anthony Barrett The American people obtained a clearer picture of who the Democrat and Republican presidential nominees will be last Tuesday, March 8th, 2016. On the Republican side, the states Mississippi, Idaho, Michigan, and Hawaii all held their contests. Trump won 71 delegates as well as the states of Michigan, Mississipp...

Why You Should Vote for Bernie Sanders

Why You Should Vote for Bernie Sanders

March 10, 2016

By: Mason Benovy For the past 40 years, Sanders has defended the people. Born on September 8th, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York, Bernie Sanders is an American politician and Junior Senator of Vermont. He is seeking candidacy for the Democratic Party for the President of the United States. Sanders official...

2016 Presidential Candidates: Bernie Sanders

2016 Presidential Candidates: Bernie Sanders

February 8, 2016

By: Abby Shapiro Born in Brooklyn, New York, Bernie Sanders attended James Madison High School, Brooklyn College, and the University of Chicago. In 1981, Bernie was elected as mayor of Burlington, the largest city in Vermont. As mayor, Bernie’s leadership helped transform Burlington into one of...

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