Photo Essay: HHS Garden in Bloom

Emma Quillen and Kate LaCoe

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The Hershey High School Garden, planted and maintained by the Garden Club, is in full bloom. Located behind the LGI, the Garden is home to a variety of flowers and vegetables including onions, cauliflower, and broccoli.

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  • The Hershey High School Garden is in full bloom on May 29, 2019. The garden is grown and maintained by the Garden Club. (Broadcaster/Emma Quillen)

  • A flower by the name of “Cinderella” is beginning to bud in the HHS Garden. (Broadcaster/Emma Quillen)

  • In addition to flowers, the garden also produces edible crops inluding broccoli. (Broadcaster/Kate LaCoe)

  • Another edible crop begins to grow in the garden; cauliflower. (Broadcaster/Emma Quillen)

  • Carrots beginning to grow in the HHS Garden. (Broadcaster/Emma Quillen)

  • In addition to flowers and food, the garden also produces herbs. There are many herbs grown in the HHS Garden, including parsley, rosemary, and oregano. (Broadcaster/Kate LaCoe)

  • The HHS Garden Club also practices composting, a recycling process that eventually produces soil. Composting is great for the environment as it replaces chemicals with organic fertilizer. (Broadcaster/ Kate LaCoe)

  • The garden is very well maintained by the HHS Garden Club. The club meets often to improve and take care of the garden. (Broadcaster/ Kate LaCoe)

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