Three of a Kind: Freshman Anna Coulter Balances, Excels at Three High School Sports

Samantha Andrews, Reporter

Swoosh, swing, spike.

Volleyball, basketball, and softball are all different and very complex sports. They are all very taxing and require a lot of practice in order to excel at them. It would be very difficult to play all three of them; however, not for Anna Coulter. She not only plays all three of these sports, but she also excels greatly at each of them.

Anna Coulter, a freshman from Hershey High School, plays three sports, volleyball, basketball, and softball. Not only does she have to manage all her high school sports, but she also plays club sports. How does she manage all of these sports, and when she inevitably has to pick one which one will she pick?

Coulter started playing sports at a very young age. When she was 4 she began playing baseball on a boys team. Coulter said, “I played on the boys team because I just liked baseball better than softball at the time.” However Coulter now plays on the varsity softball team as a freshman.

Although she has been playing baseball and softball for the longest, Coulter enjoys basketball and volleyball the best. Coulter said, “My favorite sport is either volleyball or basketball, but I can’t choose since they are very close.”

She had a very successful basketball season last winter. “My most memorable high school sports memory so far was scoring my first varsity points in basketball against Red Land,” said Coulter. At the end of the season Coulter was awarded a varsity letter for basketball as a freshman.

Coulter also loves volleyball greatly. “I just love how the game is played it is so quick paced and I get a rush everytime I get a spike or a block. Plus it does help that I am so tall since that is a big factor in this sport,” said Coulter.

The volleyball, basketball, and softball teams all value Coulter’s presence on the team. Micah Sheppard, a fellow freshman volleyball player, said, “Anna is very hard working and is a great teammate. I very much enjoyed playing volleyball with her this past season.”

Currently she is playing both high school softball and club basketball, so she obviously doesn’t have much free time. “I have softball practice everyday after school then immediately after I have basketball practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. I also have many softball and basketball games and tournaments over the weekend and throughout the week,” said Coulter.

Due to this rigorous schedule she is often stretched to find time to complete her school work. “I usually have to complete most of my school work during school whether that means doing it in study hall or just whenever I have free time during class,” said Coulter.

Since Coulter is incredibly well rounded both in athletics and academics, many colleges would love to have her. But this also brings up the question of which sport will she pick when she inevitably has to? “I obviously would love to play any one of these sports in college, but I would especially love to play either basketball or volleyball. This may change though, as I still have three years,” said Coulter.

Many people would run from the idea of playing three sports with little to no free time every day. Coulter greets it and is not planning on quitting any of these sports any time soon.

“My goal is to continue to play all of these sports until senior year,” said Coulter, “and then I will figure it out from there.”

Anna Coulter, a freshman, poses for a picture on Friday May, 17, 2019. She played volleyball, basketball, and softball for the high school this past year. (Broadcaster/Samantha Andrews)