One Broadway Dance Company hosts spring recital: Tappin’

Mofi Oladipo, Reporter

On Friday and Saturday May 10th and 11th, the One Broadway Dance Company (OBDC) put on Tappin’. At the hershey theatre, dances both old and new were featured in this annual One Broadway show.

The lights dim, and the show starts. So many different people, so many different types of dance. The outfits were great and the dances even better.

All grades from Pre-K to 12th were dancing in this showcase.

Freshman and dancer Sophie Beck said, “There was a big adrenaline rush before I went on stage.”

With dances ranging from jazz to ballet, and tap,  the One Broadway Dance Showcase Tappin’ the energy in the theatre high

Freshman dancers Hattie Gavazzi, and Katie Barrett said that it was stressful at times backstage, but overall it was the best feeling when they started dancing on stage.

Despite a technical error that caused the music to cut out during the Mamma Mia number, the dancers carried on with the assistance of the audience singing the song.

With dances from throughout history as well as music, this is one showcase that you will not want to miss.

“It didn’t even feel like a show,” OBDC student Jillian Goldstein said, “I looked out in the crowd, and it was so surreal.”

This showcase included tributes to the Avengers, Dr. Seuss, and Mean Girls.

Students of one broadway have been working for the better part of the year, for more than eight hours a week to prepare.

Freshman dancer Katie Barrett said, “The practice was hard at times but worth it in the end.”