Solving the Mystery of Why Nobody Wants to Go to the Snowball Dance

Laurel Fleszar, Reporter

Only 131 people out of around 1,200 students had bought tickets to the Snowball Dance as of Friday, February 22 when Katie Cocco, one of the co-presidents of Student Council, had predicted around 250.

Student council members voted twice in January and unanimously agreed to have the dance.  They then created a poll to survey interest at Hershey High, but it accidentally never reached the students.  The expectation of student interest in a winter dance was based solely on the student council vote.

Now student interest is low. But why?

The primary reason is that hardly anyone knew about it.

Cocco said, “I would advertise the dance more in the future, so people know what things will be provided and what it will be like.”

Posters only came out a week before, and the morning announcements didn’t start until the week of the dance.

Many students also report that they are too busy. But people are always busy during any dance, why is this dance especially unattended?

One explanation may be that since the Snowball Dance is new, there’s not as much hype behind it as with Homecoming or Prom. The Snowball Dance is not like those dances which are “must-attend” events, it’s more low-key.

Other students say they don’t want to go since they don’t have a date or their friends aren’t going.

Sophomore Savannah Paige said, “My friends say they don’t have guys worthy enough for them, so they’re not going.”