Members of HHS Theatre: Tori Moss

Chris Santiago, Copy editor

Tori Moss, a senior at Hershey High School, has passionately been performing on stage both in school and outside of school since she was a mere eight years old.

Moss’s first ever production she performed in was with her dance school. “I started in the national tour of the Wizard of Oz with my dance school, and in that I was a little munchkin and a winkie,” Moss said.

From high school productions to community theatre, Moss has done it all. She has performed at theatres such as the Fulton and Dutch Apple diner, both located in Lancaster, PA.

“My inspiration really just comes from a lot of my teachers. I’ve been grateful to have been a part of a bunch of wonderful productions where there’s a lot of talented adults in them; for example, Les Miserables at the Fulton.” Moss stated when asked who her inspirations for theatre are.

“But another person that really inspired me was Eric Mansilla,” said Moss, “I’ve known him since I was about 10 years old, and he’s just inspired me to become the performer that I am through his personality, what he’s taught me, and the way he directs.”

Mansilla assists an eight year old Moss to learn the music for the show Annie. Moss also stated that it was a breeze relearning her lines and songs when she played Annie for the second time. (Submitted by Tori Moss)

After high school, Moss said she would love to keep pursuing theatre. “I’m planning on majoring in musical theatre in college. I can’t see my life without it.”

Moss’s favorite role she played at HHS has been “Little Sally” from the musical Urinetown, during her sophomore year. “I just loved that show. I feel like a lot of us went into that show being like ‘Oh it’s a show about pee, sounds great,’ but once we actually got into the midst of learning everything, it was amazing, and it really set in that that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

When it comes to the favorite part she’s played outside of the school, Moss believes it’s “Annie,” from the show musical Annie. Moss has actually played the character of “Annie” twice in her life, her first time being at Broadway Classics in Harrisburg, and then at Ephrata Performing Arts Center.

“I think that role has just made such a big impact on my life even though I did play it at such young ages. As you know little red head ‘Annie’ is an optimist, and I think from doing that show and knowing those lines like the back of my hand has made me a more positive person,” Moss said.

Shown above is Moss performing as “Annie” for the second time at Ephrata Performing Arts Center. Moss believes that playing the role at such a young age helped her to become more positive. (Submitted by Tori Moss)

Compared to other theatres and groups Moss has been apart of, she has never been a part of a family such as the one at HHS. “I feel like we’re all interwoven at HHS.”

Moss is also the President of SADD,  a Senior editor of the yearbook, and helps run the “HHS Humans” Instagram page here at HHS.

To anyone looking to become involved in theatre Moss says, “Just go for it, cause it could change your life.”

Above is one of Moss’s headshots. Moss will be graduating from HHS in June this year. (Submitted by Tori Moss)