Seniors Jackson and Myrick-Loveless Lead HHS Boys Basketball Team into New Season

Emma Quillen, Reporter

Taking over as a leader following a successful season can be difficult.

The Hershey High School boys basketball team has selected new captains to lead them: seniors Griffin Jackson and Tyler Myrick-Loveless.  The HHS Boys Basketball team is the defending Keystone Champion and despite a 0-2 start at the Tip-Off Tournament has two straight wins in league play.

Jackson is a guard and has been playing basketball for 14 years.

“I fell in love with basketball because I grew up around it,” said Jackson. Jackson was a waterboy for the high school team in 2008 and has wanted to be a part of it ever since.

In the 2017-18 season, Jackson made 48 three-point shots and scored 184 points.

He said watching game film and pushing his teammates during practice is essential to his success.

“I improve with competition and repetition,” said Jackson.

In addition to hard work, Jackson believes it is his responsibility to put the team before himself and respect his teammates and coaches.

He expressed his love for his teammates and said, “Especially with a new team this year, I want to give them the confidence they deserve. I’m really proud of them.”

His values and willingness to work have earned Jackson the respect of his peers. “Griffin is kind, passionate, and ambitious,” said Myrick-Loveless.  

Myrick-Loveless, a guard for HHS, has been playing basketball for 9 years and began playing in 3rd grade.

Myrick-Loveless said he believes in the importance of serving as a leader and being a role model. He also highly values his teammates and said his favorite part about playing for Hershey is the community it has formed.

“It feels like I’m part of a family,” said Myrick-Loveless.

Myrick-Loveless plays a vital role on the team, and has the qualities that are necessary in a captain. “Tyler works hard and wants the best for all of his teammates. He handles himself very well off the court,” said Jackson.

The basketball team was pleased with the decisions made regarding their new captains.

Senior Mark Suminski is a new addition to the basketball team and said both captains offered him encouragement and support when joining the team.

“They both lead by example. They know what needs to be done,” said Suminski.

Sophomore Joey Corado, another member of the varsity team, said, “they’re both so encouraging. They really make the team better.”