Hershey Public Library Announces Edible Book Contest

Elena Lee, Reporter

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The Hershey Public Library will be hosting an edible book contest as part of National Friends of the Library Week on Friday, October 26.

The contest began last year with individuals, groups, or organizations being able to enter a homemade, literature inspired baked creation into the contest.

The contest will be split up into three categories, with a winner and an unknown prize given for each at the end of the day. The categories are: Book Title or Character Representation, Funniest/Punniest, and the People’s Choice Award.

The winners of each category will be determined by community members attending the event which opens at 1 pm. Winners will be announced at 4 pm.

The contest will conclude the 13th annual National Friends of the Library week, with different events on certain days to promote the library to the community.

A Prisoner of Azkaban cake by Samantha Tate is pictured on Friday, October 26. Tate was voted the winner of the Most Creative/Original category of the contest.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane cake by Tabitha Pecchio is sitting on the table at the Library on Friday, October 26. Pecchio was selected as the winner for the Best Book Title/Character Representation category of the Edible book contest.