Then and Now with Katana Nelson

Elaina Joyner, Reporter

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Sophomore Katana Nelson on the right then age five, poses in a princess dress after putting on a fashion show for her friends and family. Nelson is now 15 years old and plays field hockey and lacrosse for Hershey High School. (Broadcaster/Elaina Joyner, Submitted by Katana Nelson)

Katana Nelson is a sophomore at Hershey High School. Nelson was only five years old when the photo was taken at her house. It was her birthday party, and all the parents had gathered around to watch a fashion show the young girls were putting on. The parents quickly snapped a photo at the end of the show. The middle girl is Nelson’s best friend, Alana, and the two have been friends since they were babies. The girl to the right is Nelson’s cousin Ella and they have grown up together and are still very close to this day.

Nelson remembers loving all the Disney Princesses and twirling around in the pretty gowns. She also recalled that she always loved to dress up as the princess Cinderella.

“I was constantly dressing up and would love to host tea parties with my stuffed animals,” remembered Nelson.

Nelson loves to look back and see how young they were and to remember all of the fun times she had dressing up as a little girl.