Hershey High Introduces Military Club

Evan Spinney, Reporter

Some people seek a future of serving for their country.

Military Club is a first year club advised by Dr. Angie Grabuloff, social studies department and veteran. The idea of the club is to help members figure out what branch of the military he or she is interested in joining as well as to get involved with the communal military organizations.

The club would like to put in community service hours at Fort Indiantown Gap, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) in Hershey, and assisting Grabuloff and fellow social studies teacher Mimi Collins with the annual Veteran’s Day observance.

Military Club President junior Brendan Shea plans to bring in service members from various branches to discuss their experiences in the military, how they got there, and more. Shea said he hopes that in doing so, members of the club can learn more about what he or she is interested in doing and come to a strong conclusion for their future plans.

Shea anticipates club meeting times being flexible as many HHS students participate in extracurriculars.  Meetings will most likely be held in both the mornings and after school Shea said. However, no times have been set as of yet.

If you are interested in joining, Shea said he is always looking for new members. You can talk to the club president Brendan Shea for meeting information, or see Dr. Grabuloff in room E115.