13 Reasons Why Season Two Date Announced

Jack Goulet, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The teen drama turned social commentary has received an official season two release date of May 18.

With season one revolving around 13 tapes left behind by Hannah Baker after her suicide, it appears the truth this season may be in the photographs.

The release date came with a one minute, 30 second teaser where various characters from season one were surrounded by Polaroids depicting what one can only assume are plot points in season two.

Toward the end of the teaser, which featured Depeche Mode’s “I Feel You,” main character Clay Jensen, played by Dylan Minnette, picks up a fallen Polaroid and reads it.

“The tapes were just the beginning.”

Watch the teaser for 13 Reasons Why season two here, and catch up on season one before season two’s May 18 release.

Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), is partially covered by a Polaroid of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), in the season two teaser and release announcement for 13 Reasons Why. The teaser hinted at photos being the focus of season two’s drama (Netflix).