Review: Do KKW Beauty Concealer Kits Live up to the Hype?

Molly Glus, Lifestyle Section Editor

The beauty icon is spreading her wings once again.

Kim Kardashian West, founder of KKW Beauty, wowed fans by the release of concealer kits on March 23, 2018. Equipped with concealer, setting powder, brightening powder, a dual-sided brush, and a beauty blender, the total kit retails for eighty dollars, but buyers can also opt to buy single products for eighteen dollars each.

The decision to release a concealer kit was much anticipated by fans who have watched West’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, master his concealer routine on Kim over the past decade.

According to KKW Beauty, the concealer is described as a full coverage, liquid concealer with with a creamy and hydrating formula perfect for everyday use alone or along with the setting and brightening powders. The bottle is 4.60 grams and contains .162 ounces, and retails at $18.

During Manny MUA’s review, he mentioned the concealer has about two times less than the popular Tarte Shape Tape concealer, with contains .3381 ounces. However, due to the fact that Shape Tape is ten dollars more than the KKW Beauty concealer, consumers have to make the decision as to if the limited quantity is worth your money. Despite the size issue, following a wear test, Manny concluded the product stayed full coverage and lasted the majority of the day, and described the concealer as a “win” for him personally.

Despite the concealer being a long lasting and very full coverage concealer, many YouTube beauty gurus, such as Desi Perkins, found the concealer range being one of the most disappointing things about the launch. The collection supposedly contained four light shades, four medium shades, four dark shades, and four deep dark shades. The dark shades, though, many found were more medium than dark, and many recommended KKW Beauty add an additional deep deep dark, so the concealer was more available for women of color.

As for the setting powder, it is described by KKW Beauty as a lightweight, non-drying, velvety powder formula that creates a soft and diffused finish. The websites states that they have shades suitable for every skin tone, and that the powder is perfect for baking and setting the under eye.

The description of the setting powder posted on KKW Beauty stated that the product only weighs 3.5 grams and only contains .123 ounces of product. For $18, some may decide the name and quality is worth the price, but the lack of product can make some turn away. Upon first application, Perkins noticed the powder was very fine and light, contrasting it with the Laura Mercier setting powder. Perkins and Manny both displayed positive reactions about the setting powder for its ability to brighten the under eye substantially.

The last of the three products was the brightening powder. KKW Beauty described it as a silky pressed powder infused with brightening pearls which add radiance under the eyes, and help create a fresh, awakened look. The product weighs 3.6 grams and contains .127 ounces, once again giving the consumer the decision as to if the price is worth little product.

There were various reactions to the setting powder. Perkins found that the setting powder brightened her enough that she didn’t even need to add the second powder. Despite, that, Perkins applied it. On application she found it to have a sheen, and appeared more like a highlighter. Her final verdict on the brightening powder was that it was an odd choice for under the face considering the sheen it gives, but recommends it for nose highlight or under the brow.

Overall, this kit has both pros and cons. The product quantity being immensely limited can keep some consumers from spending the money, but the quality and long lasting appearance gave an overall positive reaction from Perkins and Manny. In addition, the incredibly limited shade range can leave many KKW Beauty supporters without a product they can even attempt to try.

Ultimately, the decision is up to the buyer: quantity or quality?

Pictured is all of the products contained in the eighty dollar concealer kit bundle. Buyers can buy the whole kit or buy select products for $18 a piece. (KKW Beauty)