HHS Theatre Presents Peter Pan

Angelina Memmi, Layout

Hershey High School theatre brings back the treasured classic Peter Pan for its spring 2018 musical.

This musical includes a large cast including Cameron Brown as Peter Pan, Paige Randall as Wendy, Patrick Gavazzi as Captain Hook, and Lexi Corcoran as Tiger Lily. Hook’s Pirates, the Lost Boys, and the Indians will also be under the spotlight.

The theatre has brought new life to the class 1904 J.M. Barrie tale of the boy who would never grow up. The audience will witness lots of dancing and even characters flying over the stage. This attention to detail and creativity are what make the show so great.

“Peter Pan” will present shows on March 1 and 2 from 7:30-9:30. It will also be shown from 1:30-3:30 and 7:30-9:30 on Mar. 3. Tickets are $10 for students, $12 for adults, and can be pre-purchased here.