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President Trump Calls for Legislative Reform for Immigration Program

Olivia Reid, Copy Editor

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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday that President Trump is calling for Congress to propose legislation in regards to DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, within six months time.

The Obama-era program allowed for people brought into the United States by their parents during childhood to have temporary relief from deportation and allowed for them to receive an education and work legally.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks to reporters about President Trump’s Executive Order on Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry on March 6, 2017. Sessions announced the end of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, in six months time. (Department of Homeland Security/Jetta Disco)

Trump made this decision believing that the “Dreamers” were taking jobs from natural born citizens of the US and decreasing wages, as reported by the New York Times. He stated that he is working to get rid of the program because of his worries for “the millions of Americans victimized by this unfair system.”

Responses from politicians and celebrities have ranged from support to condemnation.

Senator Bernie Sanders, former Democratic Presidential candidate, took to Twitter to express his feelings.

“It is no secret that I disagree with Donald Trump on virtually every issue, but I have to say that his decision on DACA is the ugliest and most cruel decision ever made by a president of the U.S. in the modern history of this country,” Sanders said in a video published on his Twitter page.

He stated that it was unfair to take away the legal status of the 800,000 dreamers who have not known a home other than the United States. Sanders also explained that these people are productive members of society, either contributing to the economy through working or getting an education to allow them to get better jobs.

Senator Sanders also brings up the point of how these dreamers have known no home other than the United States. In the video he published, there are statements from people who are apart of the DACA program. These dreamers talk about how the United States has been their only home and has provided them with so many opportunities such as the ability to get a job, a driver’s license, and a higher education.

On the opposite side of the political spectrum lies the Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Although the Speaker belongs to the same party as President Trump, he disagrees with Trump’s decision.

Ryan believes that it is the responsibility of Congress to fix the issue, not for Trump just to end the program and move on, he explained in an interview for The Washington Post. The Speaker brought up the point that the dreamers have known no other home than America.  Ryan believes the solution is through legislation.

Another member of the Republican Party provided a slightly different perspective than the Speaker, Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell.

McConnell said in a statement on Twitter, President Obama was wrong in his passing of DACA, and that he had no authority to do so.  He did echo Ryan writing, “The Congress will continue working to secure our border and ensuring a lawful system of immigration that works.”

Another politician to voice their opinion was former president Bill Clinton. As reported by, Clinton stated that this decision ruins the American dream for not only the dreamers, but the rest of the country. He also explains that this announcement solves no pressing current problems and just brings up new ones.

Like Sanders, former president Clinton also brings up the issue of how these dreamers protected under DACA have often known no other home other than the U.S. and sending them back to an unfamiliar country would just be cruel.

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President Trump Calls for Legislative Reform for Immigration Program