The Broadcaster Podcaster launches on iTunes

Robert Sterner, Advisor

The Broadcaster is pleased to announce the start of our very first podcast: The Broadcaster Podcaster.  Available on iTunes, the podcast has several shows that operate under its umbrella.  This means that subscribers need only sign up for The Broadcaster Podcaster to enjoy all of the shows.

The Broadcaster Podcaster is easily available on iTunes. The new podcast shows were possible thanks to the donations and fundraisers conducted by the Broadcaster Club. (Broadcaster/screenshot)

Our Arts and Entertainment Editor, Dan Buser, is the host for The Cinema Club a roundtable discussion of current and classic movies.  

Cara McErlean hosts The Beat a music show that features performances and interviews with Hershey High’s musicians.  

Each episode of The Conversation with Emerson Freer is a exploration of a single topic.

The Broadcaster staff is hard at work on additional show ideas including a political debate show and a sports show.