Students Against Destructive Decisions Spread Awareness

Tori Moss, Reporter

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In just a split second, one decision can change the lives of many. One Hershey High School club wants to spread awareness.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is run by Mrs. Blackburn, the school nurse, aims to change students’ outlooks on alcohol, drugs, texting while driving, and other dangerous behaviors. Maria Goldman, the president-elect of SADD, is passionate about spreading the word about being safe and making good choices.

On October 7, 2016, during Community Day at HHS, Goldman shared a presentation about driving under the influence. Goldman said if caught driving under the influence, the normal fine rate ranges anywhere from zero to three-hundred dollars. Citizens can also be served with zero to ninety days in jail. Goldman also informed her audience of the new law that was passed. This law requires that if you witness someone pass out or get hurt while under the influence, you will not get in trouble for calling for help.  This law is called the Good Samaritan Law.   

The next speaker was Officer Mary Kepple. Officer Kepple showed the students a Portable Breathalyzer Test (PBT), and shared its purpose. The PBT is used when people are suspected to be driving under the influence. Kepple said that with your license you are not allowed to decline a PBT without getting your license taken away. “Despite many theories, sucking on a penny before having to blow into the PBT will not lower the amount that shows up on the PBT,” Kepple said.

Afterward, students got the opportunity to try out the drunk goggles. There were three different goggles that simulated what it would feel like if actually drunk. The goggles mimic a person’s vision with a ten percent alcohol blood level. There was straight line of tape for students to try and walk on outside the classroom. While wearing the goggles, students tried to catch a ball being thrown at them by a peer. Many students struggled with this task .

SADD meets every other week. Every month a new activity will occur relating to a specific theme. October’s focus is Red Ribbon Week. The next meeting will be on Thursday October 20 in the library conference room. Everyone is encouraged to attend.