HHS art teachers offer nature sketching session on Community Day


On October 7th, 2016, HHS had its annual Community Day. Pictured above, Jayden Solovey finishes up her drawing of the high school’s garden in the nature sketching session. (Broadcaster/ Madison Held)

Haley Daniels, Reporter

It all started with a piece of paper.

On October 7, 2016, Hershey High School’s Second Annual Community Day provided an opportunity for almost all students to try something new. Students choose the sessions that seem engaging to them. The nature sketching session gave some students interested in art a chance to express themselves and draw the overflowing garden of HHS.

Nature sketching, run by HHS art teachers Patty Costello and Naomi Brought, began with a brief overview of what they would be focusing on: contour lines and shade values. Although there were only about seven students involved, including two student leaders, everyone seemed cheery to go outside and relax.

Costello and Brought both decided to run the session because of their love for art and drawing.

Brought said, “I think we were just thinking about something we were passionate about.”

The two student leaders, Jayden Solovey and Becca Grubb, helped run the session which was located in the school garden. Grubb and Solovey’s goal for the session was to facilitate something calming and enjoyable for the students involved.

HHS student Alex Lee, a member of the session, had wanted to participate in some of the art classes that that school offers, but they were too time consuming. Most of HHS’ art classes are a full credit, or everyday for the entire school year. Lee said this session was a good way to get some of his passion fit into the day where he normally doesn’t get to do so.

Lee said, “It gives me a chance to draw […] since I didn’t get the time in my schedule to take any art classes.”