Derry Township Environmental Action Committee to hold an Earth Day event

Kamalini Nagarajan, Reporter

The Derry Township Environmental Action Committee, DEAC for short, met April 14th to discuss their plans for the upcoming months along with issues they are facing. 

The DEAC is a non-profit organization run by volunteers of all ages in the Hershey community. They strive to address the many environmental issues facing Derry Township.

Among the various topics were the upcoming tree planting, a workshop regarding tree care, and updates about the climate action plan. 

The first topic at hand was the upcoming Earth Day event where they, along with many other volunteers, will plant around 20 trees in the neighborhood. Through this, they intend to teach the upcoming generation of environmentalists the skills they need. 

The trees are planted in areas right next to the road so as to reduce the possibility of any “heat islands”, they shade the road so that it won’t get hot as the temperature increases which in turn prevents the surrounding area from getting warmer.

An increase of 10 Fahrenheit in urban areas is common. There are also other contributors, such as the use of vehicles decreasing air quality, that cause this increase in temperature. (TheNewPhobia/Wikipedia)

On May 13th, the committee is hosting a workshop at the Hershey Public Library at 3 pm on tree care to help the people who they planted trees for and others understand how to take care of trees.