HHS Sophomore Sean Elliott Works Toward a Successful Season as a New Powerlifter

Cianna Stager, Reporter

When sophomore Sean Elliot joined the powerlifting team, he was quick to make an impact for the Hershey Trojans.

Sean Elliott only started his first season of powerlifting this year. He was introduced to the strength sport through his football friends, but has been lifting on his own for previous years. His main goal out of this season was to get stronger for football, but also because it seemed like an enjoyable activity to keep him active throughout the winter.

His most recent meet was on February 25, 2023. He competed in the State Championship. Elliott left early in the morning, ready to take on the competition. After practicing with his team for three hours, three times a week, the sophomore found himself ready to compete.

“Right before my meet, about a week before, I didn’t train at all. I deload my training and let my nervous system relax, so I can optimize my strength for the day of the meet,” Elliott said.

This led Elliott to place first in his heat, in his most previous competition. He benched 290 lbs, squatted 440 lbs, and deadlifted a strong 450 lbs. 

Lots of improvement has already come out of Elliott this season, as he has been able to raise his weights up roughly 50 pounds in each exercise. 

He enjoys every aspect of lifting, and finds it to be a great way to feel accomplished throughout the days of his season. 

Elliott said, “In all of this, I look up to my dad the most. He’s successful and happy, and that’s all that should matter.”

In contrast to many, Elliott finds it most important to relax before he lifts. When his other teammates like to listen to loud music and get hyper, he settles down and focuses to prepare for the competition.

The most important thing that comes out of Elliott is his good attitude and sportsmanship. 

Friend and teammate of Elliott, Uma Bakarova said,“He is motivating and cheers a lot. He also high fives people often, and congratulates us a lot.”

“He’s also always on top of things showing great responsibility and leadership. His forms and signatures are always on time, and he’s always in uniform, representing the team” said Bakarova.

Elliott is an encouraging teammate and buddy to all. He lifts the mood of the powerlifting trojans, and strives to improve for the better.

Overall, it is very evident that Elliott has what it takes to be successful in his lifts. The team is very proud of how far he has come, and in general how he is as a person.