Hershey High School Orchestra’s Finest, Alicia Xie

Sophie Liang and Valerie Nothnagle

What goes on in Hershey’s concertmaster’s life?

Music is a crucial part of various high school students’ lives, but what’s it really like behind the scenes?

Alicia Xie is a senior at Hershey High School. She has been playing the violin since 4th grade. 

“Orchestra and violin have been a big part of my life for a long time. I’ve made so many memories from it,” said Xie.

She is currently the Hershey High School Concert Orchestra’s concertmaster, has participated in the Harrisburg Symphony’s middle school and high school level orchestras, and is currently a part of the HHS pit orchestra.

“I love being a part of an orchestra or group ensemble because that’s how I learn from others and develop leadership skills,” said Xie.

Being a part of such ensembles requires rigorous practicing which can be hard at times for someone who has such a packed schedule.

“I’m taking a bunch of pretty hard classes and have to go to tennis practice weekly, so with all that added up it can get pretty busy,” said Xie. “I try to make the most out of my time when things are hectic and practice when I have down time.”

Many classmates of hers look up to her never ending striving for perfection.

Classmate, teammate, and friend, Claire Tian said, “I remember one day during class our orchestra teacher praised Alicia saying that she practices with so much efficiency and gets more work done than some people do in an hour in only 10 minutes.”

Xie’s hard work and dedication haven’t gone unnoticed. She has successfully auditioned into County Orchestra, String Fest, PMEA District 7 Orchestra, Central PA Region Orchestra, Pennsylvania All State Orchestra, and most recently All East Orchestra.

Xie will be participating in the All East festival this coming April in Rochester, New York.

“My favorite part of all these festivals is definitely the people I meet. I get to meet so many talented people from all over the country and make new friends,” said Xie.

Some other memorable orchestra related trips/ activities are the 2022 Hershey High School Music Department Universal Studios trip and her performance with The Piano Guys. 

“The Orlando trip was so fun because I just got to hangout with my friends and make music. Performing with the Piano Guys was also just overall a great experience,” said Xie.

Xie’s list of achievements don’t go unrecognized by her peers and teachers.

“She’s someone that I look up to and she’s always there for guidance and helpful criticism,” said classmate Joyce Tao, “you can tell she’s a true leader by the way she leads by example and shows us what and what not to do.”

Although Xie is the best of the best, she still looks to other members of the orchestra greatly.

“I really admire Bryant Liu, he just shows a lot of humility, is just overall extremely skilled, and is just fun to be around,” said Xie.

The junior Bryant Liu will be accompanying Xie to the All East festival.

Although Xie will not be pursuing a degree in music in college, her love for the instrument and what it brings her will not be forgotten. 

She plans to participate in a university orchestra and continue to grow from there.

“Even though I won’t be majoring in music, my love for it will stay the same,” said Xie. “I’m just truly so grateful for everything it’s brought into my life.”