TV Show Review: The Equalizer 

Allyson Lin, Copy Editor

If you’re into crime-solving vigilantes, then “The Equalizer” on CBS is the show for you. The show follows Robyn Mcall, played by Queen Latifah, as a former CIA operative who uses her extensive skills to answer calls and help those who have no one else to turn to. 

She seems to be the average single mother raising her daughter, but she is known to a few as “The Equalizer.” To everyone else around her, however, this identity is anonymous.



Episodes start with a murder, just like your average crime show. They include intense action scenes of Mcall and tense scenes taking down the perpetrator. This show also deals with heavy topics, such as racism, and contains episodes with teenage issues that younger audiences can relate to.

There was an episode with perpetrators commiting Asian hate crimes by killing an Asian business owner and burning down the building their business was in. As an Asian American watching this show, this episode really got to me. The way the show portrayed Asian hate crimes was excellent in a way how our society in the United States treated Asian Americans during the pandemic. 

The show doesn’t only cover crimes committed by adults. Mcall’s own daughter Laya had to deal with crimes committed by her own classmate. “The Equalizer” shows that crimes can be committed by anyone and for any reason. It teaches the lesson that you don’t always have a happy ending, and you can’t always catch the criminal. 

I give this show a  10/10.