Editorial: School Uniforms Are Not Necessary

Allyson Lin, Copy Editor

Traditionally and in most private institutions, school uniforms are mandated. School uniforms should not be required for a student to be able to go to school. 

School uniforms restrict students’ freedom of expression. Teenagers are known for needing to express their emotions, their taste of music, fashion, and places they loved visiting. Uniforms restrict students’ need to express themselves through hair and piercings. Of course, if their clothing has words or images that are violent and throws out hateful messages, then it should not be allowed.

School uniforms are also expensive for parents, according to SmartAsset. Buying regular clothes would be easier for parents and cheaper. Uniforms are often pricey items such as blazers and dress shoes, which some families may struggle to afford. 

Also, requiring girls to wear skirts every day in most private schools is not fair to them. They’re not allowed to wear pants like the boys are. Not all girls want to wear skirts, students can be unsure of their gender spectrum, and school uniforms with skirts and pants won’t allow them to explore who they really are. 

Going along with student expression, uniforms can have a negative effect on their self-image, according to ProCon. With students having to wear the same outfits, they’re not allowed to pick out clothing that suits their body type and can be embarrassed at school. A study from Arizona State University has shown that schools without uniforms have a higher self-perception score than students from schools that have mandated uniforms. Additionally, students may find that school uniforms aren’t as comfortable as their regular clothes. 

School uniforms are outdated and should not be mandated in private schools. They restrict the expression of students, are expensive for parents, and harm their self-image.