Where does your $50 HHS parking fee go?


Pictured is a student parking pass from 2022-2023. Hershey High School students are given these passes once purchased. Each student is given a unique number, which are monitored by staff on parking duty. (Broadcaster/Christina Lengle)

Many Hershey High School students are wondering why they have to pay as much as $50 for a parking spot. Chris Grudi, Supervisor of Safe and Supportive Schools, has given some insight on how the parking is controlled at HHS.

Grudi said the prices for each lot to park in is determined by other local school districts that were surveyed. However, the price is also determined on the lot location and registration fee is reduced by each marking period.

There are a total of 244 available spaces in the Main Student Lot at $50.00 per tag and 80 spaces in the Pebble Beach Student Lot at $37.50 per tag. 

Chris Grudi said, “The money is placed into the General Fund for the school district. It helps to offset the costs of the operation, care, and maintenance of the parking lots as well as paying for the parking tags.” 

As of September 1st, 2022, there are 26 main lot tags and 80 Pebble Beach tags still available. In recent years, the Pebble Beach lot has not been full and is still available for students who get their license in spring.

For safety measures, staff members are assigned to the parking lots throughout the day. This includes making sure students are safely getting across the walk ways. The high school also has cameras at various locations outside, and Derry Township Police conduct random patrols.

Some students have wondered if students could purchase assigned spots, even at a premium price.  However, senior Ava Sheppard said, “I would pay twenty to get a better spot. But if it’s fifteen dollars more than it is now, I would not want to pay.