Review: The Chocolatier

Christina Lengle, Reporter

Cut line- Hershey Chocolatier’s four astonishing milkshakes. The restaurant serves these milkshakes daily for the price of $16.95.

Checkout the newest family friendly restaurant located outside Hershey Park, The Chocolatier. 

This restaurant is a sight to see and try for only being short of one year old. It’s filled with a great ambiance and even includes hints of chocolate in their food.

The Chocolatier is open from 11AM-8PM daily. The new addition to the Hershey Park entrance serves a wide variety of food and drinks. The famous Ferris Wheel Sampler is very popular and is served on a mini Ferris wheel, which spins around for tourists and locals to enjoy five different appetizers.

Something unique about this restaurant is that their food menu even has a selection of foods that are made with hints of chocolate. Tourists seem to love the outrageous milkshakes. They include not only the milkshake itself but toppings like a piece of cake on top, a pretzel stick, and whipped cream. The rim of the glass is lined with toppings too.

Personally, I would recommend this restaurant to families and tourists who want to experience a one of a kind atmosphere and presentation. However, the price of the food is a little high for the quality. This restaurant was rated an overall 4.5/5 stars from Yelp.

In my opinion, I would rate this restaurant ⅘ stars. I gave this rating because I feel that even though their food is different, it is a little pricey for what you are ordering. I do feel though it is definitely a must try restaurant when visiting the sweetest place on earth.