Editorial: Students should be asked to give feedback to teachers

Christina Lengle , Reporter

Restaurant reviewers can be very helpful to restaurants to see how well they are doing. Similarly, giving feedback to teachers from students can help the instructors see how good or bad they are at teaching.

Students should be encouraged to give feedback to their teachers to influence a better learning environment and better their education.

Jennie Farnell, assistant director at the English Language Institute, University of Bridgeport said, “I believe it’s absolutely crucial for teachers to encourage student evaluations. 

Many universities require evaluations; however, K-12 students aren’t as often offered the opportunity to share their voices.

Farnell said, “Students should also understand that this is an opportunity for them to learn how to give respectful, valuable feedback, a skill that they will use all the time in the real world.” This proves that not only does it help the teachers, but it can benefit the students for the real world.

Another way this can benefit the teachers, is that it can keep them employed. If they were never given the opportunity to hear how they are doing while instructing the class, they could be harming the learning process. Students are not certified experts at giving feedback, but it can give insight that is helpful to others.

Critics claim that it can be “unethical” to have students grade their teachers, but in reality, there are many students who would not only benefit from providing feedback, but also help teachers better educate students. 

Another reason why students providing feedback to their teachers is beneficial, is due to the fact that it can help teachers improve their style of teaching to suit those in the class that may need extra support or help in a specific area. By learners giving their instructors insight as to how well they retain information and understand the lessons, it can improve and help for future lessons.

If instructors are given the right to grade students, it should be encouraged to have those learners comment on how well or not so well they are doing to teach them in a classroom. Even if it is every marking period or every couple months, it can still impact students in a huge way.

The experience given in a classroom is unique for each teacher, so what better way than having students “grade” their teachers’ way of teaching?