CPIHL takes action against student-fan behavior occurring at games

Cameron Fisher , Reporter

The Central Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League has announced on December 8th, 2021, an updated policy that they will no longer tolerate the student-fan behavior that is occurring at arenas across the league. 

Steve Aaron, the president of the league along with the executive committee had a meeting on December 8th, 2021 to try and curb the behavior. This meeting resulted in a suspension of students for four games. 

Hershey had two games between December 8th and December 13th, with both wins for the Trojans. The first game against Dallastown finished 8-2 coming on Friday, December 10th. A second Trojans victory followed when Hershey defeated rival Lower Dauphin 5-4 in a very close game Monday, December 13th.

While the suspension for Hershey students has ended 2 games early, the behavioral issues are still a concern across the league.

Hempfield/Manheim Township’s students were also banned for 4 games as a result of their behavior. Nothing has been announced yet to allow students back to their games. 

Some of the behaviors included, but not limited to are as follows:

* Objects being thrown on the ice during game play

* Foul and abusive language against other spectators and against players and officials

* Taunting that occurs between fan sections during the game that then turns into physical violence in the parking lots after the game

* Students showing up impaired by drugs or alcohol

* Vandalism of rink property

* Students disrespect of club officials