Video: We ask HHS about kindness for World Kindness Day


Natalie Colarossi and Elizabeth Vojt

World Kindness Day has been observed on November 13th, since 1998. It recognizes small and large acts of kindness to promote compassion and positivity throughout the world. Founded by The World Kindness Movement, it is dedicated to bringing people together and spreading joy. 

The World Kindness Movement is celebrated in 27 countries including the United States, Australia, Canada, and Brazil. It began just a year before Kindness Day in 1997 and has been gaining members ever since.

Different organizations were created to promote the ideals of the movement. Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) aims to bring the same joy to workplaces and schools. 

Hershey High School has its own RAK club led by Mrs. Collins. They have made it their mission to bring extra kindness to HHS. The Broadcaster asked students what kindness means to them, and how it can be shown in daily life.