10 Great Halloween Party Treats

Caroline Glus and Lauren Cribbs

Spooky season is here, so parties are to be planned. We’ve scoured the web looking for the tastiest Halloween themed party treat recipes!  If you need a little inspiration for what to serve at your Halloween party, here are ten different savory and sweet recipes. 

  1. Vampire Punch 
  • Refreshments are needed at every function, so here is an easy slow cooker vampire punch recipe. The recipe has only three ingredients; Hawaiian punch, ginger ale, and Red Hot candies.
  • 2  3 Ingredient Ghost Halloween Cookies  
  • We are all finally getting into the swing of things this fall, and sometimes we don’t have a lot of time to make elaborate treats for parties. This is an inexpensive, quick, and tasty party pleaser! 
  • 3    Monster Truffles 
  • Another quick, easy, and no bake recipe is a fun take on cake pops. With oreos and other sweet ingredients covered in icing and sprinkles decorated as monsters, are sure to be a hit at a halloween gathering! 
  • 4 Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes 
  • If you’re more into baking your treats, and not as interested in a spooky themed party, pumpkin spice cupcakes are a great alternative still contributing to a fall concept. 
  • 5 Banana Pops 
  • Banana Pops are a great healthier option for a sweet treat. These icing covered, ghost decorated bananas are also a great option for party goers with food restrictions and allergies. 
  • 6 Spooky Snack Mix
  • Spooky Snack mix is a super easy recipe for any halloween gathering. There are many different variations of this snack mix that can be tailored to any crowd. Get Creative!
  • 7 Reese’s Peanut Butter Ball 
  • This Reese’s peanut butter ball is a great option for serving a group.This less spooky but more moderate decorated dessert can be served to many, and who doesn’t like peanut butter?
  • 8 Halloween Charcuterie Board  
  • The charcuterie board is super trendy right now, and still be used for halloween but with a twist. You can add your own personality and creativity to this display. Here is another example to get you thinking creatively. 
  • 9 Jalapeno Popper Mummies 
  • This Savory option of the Jalapeno Popper Mummies is very easy and cute for those who aren’t as interested in the sweet treats. This could be an eye catching centerpiece to your food table.
  • 10 Skillet Buffalo Chicken Dip This skillet buffalo chicken dip is cute, savory, and easy! Everyone loves buffalo chicken dip, so it will be a huge success! You can make this simple recipe and use pre-made pizza dough to decorate and make it a cute jacko-lantern.

Pictured is a spooky Halloween ghost cookie.  Making tasty Halloween treats can be a great family activity.  (Shreyank Gupta/CC BY-SA 2.0)