HHS boys soccer confident about season

Christina Lengle, Reporter

Hershey High School (HHS) boys soccer team enters the 2021 season with high aspirations for their success.

The Hershey High School boys soccer team lost against the state runner ups last season. Sixth year head coach Andrew Maya is thankful to be back to normal this season with a full seventeen game regular season.

Last year the team only played nine regular games in a COVID-shorted season. They hope that with the new protocols, such as masking during the school day, and the availability of vaccines for high school age students will ensure they get a full season this year.

Varsity goalkeeper Justin Rogers is excited about the team’s prospects this year.  “Heart and passion runs deep for our team,” said Rogers, “and it’s something we are very proud of.

Currently the boys are 4-1-1. They have been successful so far with more wins than losses. 

“Our defense might be one of the best in the entire state,” said Rogers, “And our midfield has been crucial for us spreading the ball around and moving the ball on offense.”

Maya believes this year’s team is very athletic and talented. Maya said, “They work hard on and off the field. Most importantly they get along and work together as a team.”

On September 11, 2021, the team won in a double overtime against one of their biggest rivals, Lower Dauphin.  

Two days later on September 13, the Trojans won yet again. This game was another big rival competition, Palmyra vs. Hershey. 

Rogers said, “To score three on a team who hasn’t conceded thus far in the year is huge for us and it will help us keep that intensity the rest of the year.” 

“There is high expectation that we win District playoffs,” said Maya, “and that we win championships. I believe that this team is capable of doing that this season.