Grammy awards accused of corruption

Emily Donegan , Reporter

The Grammy’s are easily one of the most important and most celebrated nights in the music industry, but over recent years the accusations of corruption are increasing. 

A previously well respected occasion is now being seen through a very different perspective from many well known performers. The event was run by, “controversial secret nominating committees that made final decisions about which artists or recordings were nominated in certain categories, including the “Big Four” General field of Album, Song, Record of the Year and Best New Artist” says Jem Aswad in her article in Variety

A Grammy award is pictured from the 1971 Grammys. The Grammy was awarded to The Carpenters for Album of the Year. (rocor/CC BY-NC 2.0)

At the previous 2020 Grammys The Weekend was “snubbed” from the nominations that he and his fans felt he deserved. He was in the prime of his career with his new hit song “Blinding Lights” just recently released. He had support from millions of fans and hundreds of critics, yet the non transparency at the Grammy’s left him with no recognition for these accomplishments. 

As of April 30th 2021, Jem Aswad posted a follow up article in Variety saying that the Grammy’s have decided to eliminate “secret” nominating committees. These were committees where all members’ identities were kept anonymous, so decisions were not always made in the most fair manner. The elimination of these committees will allow for more honesty at the 2021 Grammy’s. 

Will this promise be enough to make The Weekend decide to submit his music in future? As of right now he said in a twitter post that, “The Grammy’s are still corrupt, you owe me, my fans, and the industry transparency.” He has decided to continue to boycott the Grammys for the next few years until he can regain the trust of the organization, which has been broken for so long.