Pennsylvania loses US House of Representatives seat


The House of Representatives is located in a wing of the Capitol building. Other states that have lost house seats this year include California, Ohio, and New York. (wallyg/CC-BY 2.0)

Maeve Reiter, Social Media Editor

As the results of the census become available to the public, population numbers show that Pennsylvania has lost a seat in the House of Representatives.

This loss brings the number of Pennsylvania representatives down to seventeen from eighteen, says USA Today

This is the tenth census in a row where Pennsylvania has lost at least one seat, according to WGAL news. This means that Pennsylvania’s population is growing slower than the rest of the United States. Because of slow population growth, funding for healthcare, infrastructure such as highways and public transportation, and other social programs could get cut.

According to Penn Live, not only is the House losing a seat, but Pennsylvania is losing an elector in the electoral college as well. Since Pennsylvania is a swing state, this lowers its importance in the presidential elections slightly.

The number of seats is a fixed 435, so other states such as Florida and Colorado are gaining seats to account for the states like Pennsylvania that have lost some.