European Union to permit vaccinated American tourists to visit this summer


Photo by Jernej Furman/CC BY 2.0

Caroline Glus, Video Producer

After over a year of international travel being banned due to the Covid-19, the European Union has set to allow American tourists to visit who have been fully vaccinated by the end of June. 

Due to the advanced pace of distribution of vaccinations, the discussions regarding travel have increased between the United States and European Union according to the New York Times. Both nations are working towards making vaccine certificates allowable proof of immunizations. 

According to the Washington Post, the European Union has been working to implement this system for months. The hopes for this internal system would be that all fully vaccinated personnel and their children would be allowed to travel regardless of the pandemic situation. 

Some European countries have already begun to allow visitors such as Greece and Iceland according to the Business Insider. These countries have used immunization cards as a means of entry. 

The CDC still currently does not recommend international travel for non essensial reasons, and cautions travelers that there is still a chance you could get, or spread the virus.

The actions by the United States and international entities to a return to non essential travel are bringing us one step closer to a return to normalcy.