US death toll from COVID-19 passes another grim milestone: 350,000

Adrianna Malena

Reports produced by the Johns Hopkins Covid-19 Dashboard have confirmed 350,000 Americans have passed away in response to the coronavirus.

The United States has had the most cases and deaths occur than any other country in the world by far, as India is the second most affected with approximately 10 million less cases. The astronomical difference putting the US in the lead is concerning, and discouraging as we trek forward into the new year.

When examining the statistics and facts in regards to the virus, officials haven’t encouraged much hope, as the CDC has previously predicted a spike in cases in the near future.

In a discussion with Meet The Press on January 3rd, Dr Anthony Fauci, Head of the National institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said, “It could and likely will get worse in the next couple of weeks or at least maintain this very terribly high level of infections and deaths that we are seeing”.

It’s easy to assume this sudden spike is in relation to the recent holiday season and the gatherings that inevitably occurred as tradition.

“People have done a considerable amount of travelling” Fauci continued, “against the advice of public health officials like myself”. He understood that it was bound to happen, and explained how officials, similar to himself, “predicted” this spike.

Instead of giving up, and growing accustomed to the growing numbers, Fauci urged people to continue following guidelines and not get comfortable. “We need to double down on some of the fundamental things that we talk about all the time”, he emphasized, “The uniform wearing of masks, the physical distancing,and the avoiding of congregate settings in crowds…We’ve just got to keep doing that”

The frustration with this virus, and it’s persistence, is evident through everyone and anyone in the United States right now. The problem is nothing will change, if suggested precautions are not fulfilled and practiced. Recent numbers and spikes have proved the virus’s tenacity, and that it’s not going anywhere if we continue to approach it in the same, careless manner.

A screenshot of the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard is shown from January 11, 2021. The death toll in the United States has passed 374,000. (Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University)